Give Thought

  • At present 60% of the population is living on or below the poverty line. 35% of the middle class is struggling to survive. The remaining 5% rich elite’s vast majority is involved in financial crimes, corruption, smuggling, money laundering & tax evasion; they are holding the highest public offices.
  • The poor, orphans, widows, the unemployed youth are without hope. Higher education is commercialized and expensive. The provision of good recreational facilities, sports, career planning, and employment opportunities are limited. Government hospitals are devoid of doctors & medicine. Public transport is nonexistent. Hundreds of thousands are compelled to live without proper shelter in miserable conditions. The country’s, social, political and economic structures are sinking.
  • Today, the laborers are denying minimum wage, social security & food sovereignty. The farmers are forced to sell their crops at a pittance.  20 billion U.S. Dollars remitted by overseas Pakistanis, yet they are denied respect at airports. Their properties are being occupied forcibly by land grabbers & robbers, they are refused the right to vote and ability to contest elections. Local bodies are without authority, powers and funds. Ideological but poor political workers are in search of respect & recognition in the Political Parties. Highly qualified teachers are not getting pay accordingly. Professionals like scientists, lawyers, doctors, engineers & technicians are leaving the country due to an insecure future. Retired pensioners are finding it hard to sustain themselves. The majority of women & minorities are now treated as a second-class citizen. Respect, human rights, the welfare state, food security, free higher education, health care, and housing seem impossible dreams.
  • In 1974, the US Dollar was at Rs.4, it’s at Rs.108 now, this indicates the state of our economy. We see wellbeing changing into poverty, tolerance into extremism, honesty into loot, nationalism into apathy, good traditions into discontent & disregard, the clean environment into piles of filth, peace & tranquility into tyranny, public servants serving political parties instead of the masses, immorality has replaced conscience.
  • Is Pakistan a viable state?
  • Do our leaders have abilities, wisdom, and credibility to lead the nation?
  • Is there no one to reckon for the needs of the poor?
  • Will we be able to get out of this state of hopelessness and frustration?
  • Yes, if there is a Will, there is a Way. Yes, we have to step forward & take charge of the things we need. Awam League, a newly established progressive, moderate & reformist political party was launched on 25th November 2016, at Lahore. We believe in revolution and class struggle against neo-colonialism, imperialism, religious extremism & corruption. Awam League is representing the poor and middle classes.

What we want:

  1. The revival of lost values & ethics-based society;
  2. Strengthen of nationalism;
  3. New social contract in-between state & the people;
  4. Equality, self-respect & dignity;
  5. Economic prosperity and welfare state;
  6. Elected “Chamber of Agriculture”, to redress grievances of the agriculture sector;
  7. Good governance & merit-based selections;
  8. Total free education, healthcare & appropriate housing for everyone.
  9. Social, economic, official, judicial, political & religious justice;
  10. Cross-the-board accountability;
  11. Reforms & restructuring in the constitution, laws and state institutions;
  12. True democracy and human rights;
  13. Reserve seats in the Parliament for all stack holders;
  14. To create more provinces & devolution of powers;
  15. Clean & green Pakistan;
  16. To encourage sports culture & recreational facilities;
  17. Independent & strong foreign policy.

Let’s join Awam league for a revolution, real change, true democracy, equality & prosperity.