Party’s Ideology

This is a “Center-left progressive, moderate, democratic, and reformist political party”.

◘ To realize the ideology of Pakistan by exploring the fair economic opportunity for the citizens of Pakistan and ensuring proper distribution of wealth among the citizens.
◘ To build a formidable nation by allowing human endeavor to progress and excel in a competitive and healthy environment based upon talent.
◘ To ignite a moderate economic order shunning greed and slackness through positive and affirmative state action.
◘ To provide a vision for the planned growth of agriculture, industry, and cities.

The aims and objects of the party are given below:-

1: To safeguard and preserve the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independent existence of Pakistan.

2: To uphold and promote the ideology of Pakistan in the backdrop of Pakistan movement as enunciated by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his comrades.

3: To advance and ensure that all guaranteed fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan including equality of law and before the law; non-discrimination; equal opportunity; social, economic and political justice; and freedom of thought, expression, belief, association, faith, and worship are fully preserved and protected.

4: To encourage, introduce and promote reforms and restructuring the constitution legislation in all state organs, departments, and institutions.

5: To strenuously work for the eradication of poverty and unemployment through a fair distribution of wealth and affirmative action.

6: To establish and maintain an impartial, qualified, specialized, dynamic, people-friendly and impartial administration generally and for all organs of the State to effectively and efficiently run the system of administration and perform the functions of the State.

7: To establish and maintain a system of administration of justice that is just, efficient, cost-effective and fair through an independent and impartial judiciary.

8: To ensure the existence of an independent, dynamic and responsive media.

9: To ensure that the legitimate interests of minorities are fully safeguarded and they are free to profess and practice their religion.

10: To endeavor to raise the standard of living of the people, to generate economic opportunities for the people, to accord special and generous treatment to backward sections of the population with a view to accelerating their educational, economic and social progress.

11: To especially focus on the uplift of women and youth regarding their education, financial growth, and economic independence.